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When you really love your home it can take on a personality of its own… or even feel as though it’s a member of your family! Why not commission a portrait of him/her to celebrate the fond memories you’ve made there?

I create house portraits based on real houses, photos or drawings reconstructed from historical photos. I work primarily with watercolors (aquarela), ink, pen or markers.

Depending on my client's’ wishes, the portrait can be of just the facade (front side, garden side etc.) or the whole building and can have its own unique character: realistic, funny, monochromatic or full color.


To prepare these pieces I require a few hours of work. I begin by collecting reference material (photos) and then making proof sketches to find the right proportions and colors. After receiving your approval, I prepare the final version which can be delivered as it is, framed, or mounted.

For more information just send me a message here.

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